The technologies developed at the former KayPENTAX are now integrated with PENTAX Medical endoscopes and processors to provide a full range of ENT and speech pathology products. With 30 years combined experience developing tools for the speech and voice community, PENTAX Medical now offers complete, quality solutions for otolaryngologist and speech language pathologists. These include renowned digital stroboscopy systems, cost-effective general endoscopy systems, swallowing and speech assessment, and therapeutic endoscopes. From state-of the art endoscopy systems that include video naso-pharyngo-laryngoscopes to portable fiber naso-pharyngo-laryngoscopes, PENTAX Medical provides a broad array of well-engineered, reliable products for improved patient care.


Video Processors


OPTIVISTA plus High Definition Video Processor

Outstanding image quality. Ergonomic engineering, comfortable efficiency. Multifunctional design.


IMAGINA EPK‑i5500c Video Processor

Improved diagnostic outcome. Cost efficient, reliable and safe. Improved workflow efficiency.


VERSA HD Imaging Platform

Improved diagnoses with HD. Consistent performance, minimized running costs. Reliable PENTAX Medical service infrastructure.

SCOPEPILOT ‑ The next generation 3D colon navigation system

True 3D responsive image. Advanced orientation. Comprehensive colonoscopy solution.


OPTIVISTA EPK‑i7010 High‑Definition Video Processor

Enhanced detection. Improved in vivo diagnosis. Powerful educational platform.


EPK‑i5000 High‑Definition Video Processor

High-quality HD images. i-scan enhanced visualization. Efficient interface with custom options.


DEFINA Solution EPK‑3000 Video Processor

Excellent visualization. Flexible platform. Upgradeable capabilities.

EPK‑p High‑Resolution Video Processor

Reliable functionality for routine endoscopy. Low cost of ownership. External image recording interface.


VIVIDEO ‑ ENT Videoscope Solution

Superior image quality. Improved patient care. Performance and price efficiency.

Accessories & Peripherals

CO2 Insufflator and Irrigation Pump

Minimize discomfort Convenient warm water irrigation

Inflation System

Constant monitoring and leak testing. Anchoring pressure for stabilisation. Unique Controlled WithdrawalTM pressure. Easy operation.


Auto Leakage Tester SHA‑P6

The SHA-P6 Auto Leakage Tester is specifically designed for use with PENTAX Medical flexible endoscopes to avoid costly service interventions.


PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG System

The unique solution for fast drying and active storage of endoscopes