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Neutral Enzyme Cleaner5/10/25/200LFor easy removal of blood, proteins and grease7-830-60
Mild Alkaline Cleaner5/10/25/200LMild alkaline cleaner with excellent material compatibility10-10.535-80
Mild Alkaline Enzyme Cleaner5/10/25/200LThe power of 3: Mild Alkaline + Enzyme + Surfactant = Exceptional Cleaning9.3-1030-60
Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant5/10LFor the chemo-thermal disinfection of fl exible endoscopes755-60
Cleaner and Disinfectant25/200LFor automated reprocessing of bedsteads, mattresses, containers, transport carts, OR tables, OR accessories, wheelchairs, OR shoes, bedside furniture5-855-75
PAA 155LFor the chemical disinfection of flexible endoscopes2.735
Rinse and Dry Aid5/10/25/200LSpot and Streak free drying of surgical instruments, bed frames, carts and trollies7x
Bedpan Cleaner5/10LSpot-free and stain free cleaning of bedpans/urinals 3.5x
Neutralizer5/10LAcid Neutralization of alkaline residues during automated reprocessing320-60
Scale and Rust Remover5LRevive and restore the appearance and performance of stainless steel instruments and surfacesxx
Lubricant WD5/10LInstrument Care System for moving instrument components, hinges, box joints and serrated edgesxx

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klar lischkaetoletol
KlarLischka5LDoyen SK22EDoyen R 100
Liquid rinse aid and rinse aid with neutralizing effectBedpan rinse agent with softener, slightly acidicBedpan detergent, slightly alkaline

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