STERI AIR is a portable indoor air sterilization device. The device works by irradiating the flowing air UV-C radiation on nucleic acids and proteins of microorganisms, which damages the structure of genetic material of microorganisms (including proteins and nucleic acids) preventing their reproduction. With this method pathogens from the air such as fungi, bacteria and viruses including CoV-2 are neutralized and afterwards filtered, clean air flows back into the room.

air cleaner
air cleaner

The High-Intensity Plasma Air-Sterilisation is suitable for use wherever an increased number of people are expected, which could be the cause of an increased emission of bacteria and viruses.

Clean Air Isolator CS

With hatch chamber left and/or right & with or without B type HEPA filters. With reference of positive (Sterilator) or negative (Isolator) pressure in workspace.

laborotory cytolator

The location device that preventspeople with dementiafrom becoming lost. NB-IoT gps Tracker.

The unique solution for fast drying 
and active storage of endoscopes